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Liugong Forklift Cup contest held in Liaocheng truck Geiger state Ye Logistics Park
2015-06-11 12:09:47
June 10, by the Shandong Provincial Logistics and Transport Association's "Liugong Forklift Cup" tournament forklift skills Liaocheng station, in Geiger State Logistics Park Ye cool opening. Forklift master "bring together" the same stage, attracted numerous visitors come to the onlookers, athletics scene of frequent expert, hot scene.
Competition site
    Competition is divided into individual and team competitions, the morning of June 10 individual competition, team competition the afternoon. Individuals include crossed three basketball, and so on down the line and Slalom links. Driving the truck driver traveling from garage to take the ball point, three basketball forward with crossed through a right angle bend, then down the line by 1.8 m narrow passage, Slalom forward one week later, then put three basketball to get the ball point. The process of moving the wheel must not pressure lines, basketball can not fall, named the top three last, the time by the referee and scores. Team for the relay form, completed by the three pilot relay.
    Division preliminaries will produce, three individual awards, three team awards, honorary certificates. Final set three individual awards, the first 10,000 yuan reward; second 5000 yuan; third 3,000 yuan. Team Award three, the first 30,000 yuan, 15,000 yuan second, third place $ 10,000. Finals will be held in Qingdao.
Truck transport master basketball
The award-winning chef preliminary forklift
    Geiger Liaocheng logistics park west of the state Ye Chang Run Road, north of State Road 309, south of Jinyuan Road, project logistics industry as the basis for trade and other diversified industries hardware structure, to create Shandong and Henan's largest one-stop -shop hardware building materials market. Project a total planning area of ​​500 acres, the park covered storage areas, a variety of property forms cargo area, parking, car maintenance area, cold storage area, metal building materials trading, business auxiliary supporting area and shops along the street and so on. Currently, in addition to part of the project on the eastern side street hardware building materials market has not been put into use 271 shops out, project storage area, cargo area and other major markets have been open for business.
    Hardware shops along the east side of the building materials market have been the end of the current indoor and outdoor decoration can be delivered by the end of June. Currently there are 64 shops along the street in the sale, with an area of ​​about 120 square meters apartment, two floors design. Project recently launched three sets of special rooms for the eastern side of the shop, the full amount of mortgage customers can enjoy 200 yuan / square meter discount. Other non-special housing only the full amount customers can enjoy 200 yuan / square meter discount, and then self-customers to enjoy additional 100 yuan / square meter discount; 5-year leaseback investment clients a maximum return of 30%, the actual transaction price shops 4200 yuan / square